Friday, 8 July 2016

Black, White ...... and Gold


Hi all, 
today's card was made for one of my Husbands cousins and she just turned thirty.
We don't really see her a lot, and am really not sure what her likes or dislikes are, apart from her being a free spirit.
In saying that, I thought about what type of card she would like, and flowers or cutesy just did not seem to cut the mustard, so I went with an 'In your face' kind of card with a gold glitter card stock for the 30 inlay so it would pop. In hie sight, if I was to make the card again, I would have used a larger number die to make it pop even more.

Oh the joys of card making and learning as you go.
See you all next week, for one of my most favorite cards I have made so far.
Love always

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