Monday, 18 August 2014

Back on track

Hi all, 

Starting up my blog post again, as the other one timed out on me. So over the course of the
next few weeks, I will be uploading some of the cards I have made, with very little craft supplies. I say this, because crafting can be very expensive and
if you want all the supplies seen on You Tube videos, it can add up rather quickly. Also they (You Tube crafters) either have crafted for many years adding to their craft collection over time, or make You Tube videos and work to support their craft addiction (lol). 

I on the other hand have very little finances to spend on this addiction, so I get by with the few tools I have, and still create some awesome cards for my friends and family.

This card came together by the design of the pattern paper. My mother-in-law brought back some craft paper from an overseas trip to China recently, and so keeping with the theme, I found some little pictures on the internet, printed them off, coloured this one in with metallic gel pens and colouring pencils, then matted both the picture and the sentiment with black card stock. This was made only two months after first starting to make handmade greeting cards with white and black card stock, pattern paper, (computer) image and printer, metallic gel pens, basic colouring pencils, scissors and double sided tape.

Let your imagination run wild!


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  1. Awesome cards Kerrie, I really like all of them, i cant fault one, Keep on reaching for the stars, you go girl :)